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Like anything in your home, it’s common to spot wear and tear of household items from time to time, and your windows are no exception. While everyone wants their windows to last forever, a time to replace them will always come.

Replacing your home’s windows has many benefits, and one of them is saving energy. Well-maintained and efficient windows reduce heating, cooling, and lighting costs. However, it’s not always easy to determine the right time for a window replacement.

How do you tell when it’s time to replace your windows? There are several telltale signs that your windows may be in need of replacing. Keep reading to learn more about what to be on the lookout for.

6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

1. High Utility Bills

If you have been noticed unusually high utility bills recently, then it could be an indicator that your windows need replacing. Faulty windows lead to heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, accounting for about 30% of residential energy use. Therefore, you should inspect your windows regularly to ensure they’re in perfect working condition.

2. Difficulty Opening and Closing

Opening your windows can be helpful in bringing in fresh air and imperative during an emergency such as a fire. As time goes by, the stress of opening and closing windows can lead to wear and tear. This can cause the window to stick when opening. When you notice it’s getting more challenging to open your windows, then it’s time to look at replacing them.

3. Warping

Warping is a common problem with wood windows. As soon as the wood absorbs moisture, it leads to rotting and warping. When your windows become warped, you’ll notice they bend and look deformed. This creates significant gaps which are not only unappealing but can also affect your home’s energy negatively. A warped or broken window should be replaced rather than repaired for maximum efficiency.

4. Painted or Swollen Shut

If you own a home with wooden windows that have lasted for an extended period, they may swell during wet or cold weather, making them difficult to open. If you notice your windows are swollen or have been painted shut, then it’s time to consider replacing them with fully operational windows.

5. Condensation or Fog

Windows manufactured in the last decade are extremely energy-efficient, primarily due to the advancements of double pane glass. As the seals on these windows deteriorate, you may notice fog or condensation between the glass panes. While condensation on the inside or outside can happen for other reasons, losing the inert gas insulation between panes will decrease the efficiency of the window.

6. Cracks and gaps that let in drafts

Do you feel a breeze when your windows are closed? That’s a clear indication that your windows might have cracks or gaps that let in drafts, and it’s time for a replacement. There are several reasons for drafty windows, including poor installation, but faulty seals are the most common cause.

Top-Quality Replacement Windows from CanTex Roofing & Construction

If you’ve noticed any of the above problems with your windows, then it may be time to have them replaced. Window replacement is among the most beneficial home remodeling projects, increasing the resale value of your home and lowering your utility bills. For a free in-home consultation about windows for your home, call CanTex Roofing & Construction today.