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One staple of almost any home is a mirror. Glass mirrors can tie in a home’s interior decoration while allowing us to adjust our clothing or touch up our makeup. 

Mirrors come in many shapes and sizes that make them more than just helpful household items. They can beautify an entire home. 

In this article, we’ll consider some reasons why we all need high-quality mirrors in our homes and how to identify them.

1. Mirrors Produce the Illusion of More Space

Home mirrors help a space look larger and reflect the openness of a room. So adding a mirror to interior decor is an excellent way for those who live in small apartments or have small rooms to create the illusion of more space. 

Placing a few identical mirrors side by side on the wall can also help make a narrow hallway look less cramped.

2. Mirrors Enhance a Room’s Aesthetic

Adding a well-placed mirror to the home makes the room look more attractive, spacious, and appealing.

For example, the mirror’s reflection can draw attention to an attractive vase, plant, or other features within the home.

3. Mirrors Maximize Lighting

Mirrors not only increase the appeal of a room through its reflection but also enhance the brightness of a room. How so?

Hanging a mirror across from a window can significantly increase the amount of natural light in a dim home or poorly lit room. If a dining room has a chandelier, hanging a mirror in front of it reflects its light and beauty.

4. Mirrors Offer an Additional Layer of Security

Placing mirrors throughout the home can enhance our field of view, allowing us to see around doorways and walls. 

This is especially common in stores so the owners can see who is in their store and what they are doing.

5. Mirrors Hide Imperfections

If a room has an imperfection, such as a hole or cracks in the wall, a mirror is an inexpensive way to conceal it. As a bonus, it can actually make the area look much more attractive!

How To Identify High-Quality Glass Mirrors

Besides the integrity and clearness of the home glass, a mirror’s thickness and silvering are other important indicators of its quality.

Mirror Thickness

How thick a mirror is can determine its overall quality.

A wide variety of thicknesses are available for home applications, including:

  • 1/8 inch
  • 3/16 inch
  • 1/4 inch

The thicker the mirror, the higher the quality. It’s always best to buy a mirror that is 1/4 inch thick. This ensures that the mirror’s reflection isn’t distorted, even if the wall isn’t completely flat.

Mirror Silvering

It is common to use a shiny material on the back of the clear glass to make mirrors, including:

  • Tin-mercury amalgam
  • Silver
  • Aluminum

A thick layer of reflective silver covered with several layers of sealant and paint is a common feature of high-quality mirrors.

Get Custom Mirrors In Your Home Today

Mirrors are an excellent addition to any home thanks to their many aesthetic and functional benefits. 

At CanTex Roofing & Construction, we provide high-quality, custom-cut mirrors to beautify your home and optimize natural lighting. Contact us today to get the perfect mirror for you.