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To keep your home safe and secure, you must ensure that your roofing system is well-designed and managed. Unfortunately, we often take our roofs for granted without realizing their pivotal role in sheltering us and keeping us dry.

Two elements are essential when designing the best roofing system: Soffit and Fascia. If you aren’t aware of their importance, read below.

What Is Soffit and Its Importance?

Soffit is an integral component that not only serves the aesthetics of your house but also maintains your utility bills. Soffit stands for ‘something fixed underneath’ and provides a finishing touch to rafters or the house eaves of your roof. It could be fiber cement or woodworking as a finishing material installed on your roof overhang’s underside.

There are so many reasons for installing a soffit. The primary reason includes ventilation as the soffit covers your attic and the roof’s underside. It prevents the heat from building up and also controls energy bills.

Ventilation also reduces the humidity levels in your attic and prevents mildew, wood rat, and mold. A soffit also protects your roof deck and its underside from external elements such as insect activity or moisture that, in the long term, may lead to your roof’s failure.

Another benefit of a soffit is the finished appearance it adds to your house’s exterior. It hides the rough rafters and adds wood-grain or smooth finishing to your roof. However, it is vital that the soffit you use compliments the rest of the exterior of your house.

What Is Fascia and Its Importance?

Fascia is a strip attached to your roof’s edge using a vertical board made from aluminum, plastic, or wood. This component helps protect your roof’s siding that might get damaged by rainwater. It helps connect the soffit with the roof eaves’ edge to prevent pest damage or water leaks.

Further, well-managed fascia can block the entry of birds, rats, wasps, and other animals that might start calling your roof their home. It also secures the guttering of your roof and maintains it in one position. Make sure to clean your guttering regularly to avoid a water build-up that might rot the fascia over time.

Fascia can also help add specific aesthetics to your roof through its curved and attractive edges. Architects often spend a lot of time choosing this component’s color, height, and material to make your property look stunning.

How to Maintain Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia have a lot to serve, but you must manage them with time to reap their benefits. Soffit often becomes a victim of mold and mildew, so remove it immediately and scrub using an effective bleach solution.

On the other hand, fascia boards often get attacked by bees and wasps. Therefore, inspecting this material is imperative to prevent any long-term damage.

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